Star Wars

Finally we’re at the end of the latest trilogy and this last one can decide if we’ll remember this like the beloved Old Trilogy or the more polarizing Sequel Trilogy. A trilogy of trilogies! To prepare your hot take on the three, why not review the prior eight movies during the break?


Watching the entirety of the MCU may be a tough ask, but you did a GoT review before Season 8 anyway, so how about a re-do of the past decade of the MCU before Endgame and appreciate just how good and iconic Iron Man (2008) was (we’re biased.)

Lord of the Rings Extended Cuts

If you want some pain with your pleasure because you want to be one with Jesus’s sacrifice, then 11 hours of LoTR might be a good way to get over Good Friday when there’s nothing to do.

Fast and the Furious

For pure mindless entertainment, rewatching the evolution of FatF from boy racer film to boy…international anti-terrorist task force is our pick. The series is probably ripe for a reboot after all these spin-offs and seeing the first two again will probably make you feel the same way.

Harry Potter

If you’re stuck in the inescapable company of little ones, the wizardry franchise is entertaining for both parties. It will also make you feel old because damn the cast was so small in 2001.