1. Squirrel Girl

The MCU can’t end without showcasing one of the most powerful beings to ever be featured on the pages of their comics. Like, this supreme being of absolute power defeated Thanos singlehandedly—move over Captain Marvel. We wouldn’t mind having the last 11 years and 21 movies retconned just so we can see her furry fists one-shot Thanos out of existence.

2. Wave

Filipinos will never let MCU end without giving this girl her well-deserved time on the big screen. We haven’t even read any of her comics and we L-O-V-E her already. Make it happen Disney and we’re sure that the revenue coming from even just the Filipinos that will be watching will pay for this movie’s production tenfold.

3. Moon Knight 

You can’t have Marvel without Batman. (But seriously, Moon Knight is an amazing character. We don’t care that no one knows who he is, (he doesn’t even know who he is!). We want to see this multiple personality, lunar god-powered assassin badass tear some stuff up on the big screen.

4. Adam Warlock

This is the guy that actually beat Thanos in the comics and we’ve never even seen a glimpse of him in the ending credits? Like, seriously Marvel, give this guy some love! Okay, the fact that no one really understands what the hell happened during comic’s version Infinity Wars, might be an issue but who cares? We all know that the authors were smoking up some good cosmic stuff while writing that miniseries. We just want to see more overpowered, godlike beings fight alongside our current Avenger roster. Imagine all the hype when we finally see Hawkeye fighting alongside Adam Warlock.

5. Another Fantastic Four

We’re giving you one more chance to do these guys right. Come on, Reed Richards is literally the smartest guy in the MCU. You can even squeeze in an older, tito version of Spider-Man for that spicy clickbait (or watchbait?). While your at it, give us Franklin and freaking Galactus.