1. Sid Buan

Sid Buan plays drums and sings for Catfight, an all-girl rock power trio with Carissa Ramos and Jianelli Lubiano. It takes a lot for drummers to steal the show but you can't help but notice Buan because of how well she plays a crowd. Apart from her apparent drum skills, she's able to invoke a wide array of emotions from the audience depending on what Catfight is playing just from the passion she exudes as she bangs on those drums.

2. Jade Justine

Jade Justine has had a cult following even before she became the Bassist of Kala. She was actually a YouTube star even then when she was just a teenager. Watching her old videos kind of made us insecure because we could only dream of being that talented when we were younger. That said, she's only improved ever since she became part of Kala where you can really see her jive well with the band's already established disco tunes.

3. Muriel Gonzales

Despite her band members from Ransom Collective usually taking the front seat during performances, we've always noticed how sweet the soft violin is in their songs. We don't think that the band would have the same feel-good mellow vibe without her discreet yet amazing skills. Here's a video of her performing solo just to appreciate the hidden gem that is Muriel Gonzales.

4. Patricia Lasaten

We feel like Patricia Lasaten is the glue that keeps Ben&Ben's music together. It's really difficult to stand out when there are so many equally talented people in your band but if you listen really carefully to Ben&Ben's songs, you can tell that she's the one that provides the consistent peaceful vibe that is needed to control the many flourishes in melody and vocals in their arrangements.

5. Janine Teñoso

If you don't know this girl already, you have probably heard her amazing voice tear through your soul during those tear-jerking moments in your fave romance movies like Sid & Aya, 100 Tula Para Kay Stella, and most recently, Ulan without even knowing it was her. Honestly, we think we've developed some sort of classical Pavlov conditioning because when we hear her voice, we can't help but get a bit emotional. But if we were given the chance to actually jam with her, we think it would be worth all the emotional pain.