You are not his first, second, third…priority


Sure, I know I am not his first priority because “study (and volleyball) always comes first.” But heck, I didn’t know that by “you are not my priority right now,” he actually meant that I am not on his priority list! One time, I even cancelled all my plans because he told me that we can meet in the afternoon after his classes and training. I was so excited because we’d be meeting again after three weeks of not seeing each other. So I fixed myself up and even put some make-up on just to look beautiful but the whole day passed and I never received a single text from him! I found out that their training was extended and he couldn’t meet me that day. I was so frustrated because I wasted a day. I could have done something more productive, you know. And the most irritating part? I have no one to blame. It’s not his fault that the training was extended, after all. All I can do is to be understanding. More and more of it…

His time is gold


“Time is gold. If you want my time, give me gold.” This is his favorite motto. I kid, of course—but it just suits him and the situation we’re in. I literally need either a gold bar or a golden reason for him to give me his time. I feel like I’m doing LDR because I can’t see him whenever I want to even though he’s just around. I was lucky to have seen him thrice this month, because during the worst days, I could only have a few minutes with him —kind of like visiting him in prison. 

No late night talks…or even daytime talks


Our typical day conversation consists of texts from him telling me that he can’t text me because he has classes, training or he is going to sleep. Can you believe that?! The first time we encountered the “afternoon training” situation, I thought he’d be home by early evening. I didn’t expect that a varsity athlete’s definition of “afternoon” is the entire time before midnight. I can’t talk to him at any time of the day because he’s busy from 5 a.m. till 11 p.m. And when we do talk, it’s a quick good night, maybe a few minutes of mumbling, and then he goes to sleep. How romantic. 

Fans get a bit too close


I am really not the jealous type, at least that’s what I think. I’ve thought about the “fans” situation when I started dating my athlete-boyfriend and I always told him that I won’t get jealous of his fans because they are only his fans, I am his girlfriend. But it really is different when I was put in that situation; it’s something I can’t be calm about. I can still feel my blood boiling especially when I read messages from his much more “aggressive” fans. I mean, does he really expect me to read how those girls want to replace me?!

This is what V-day looks like

So last night, he finally did deliver on his promise that “magkikita tayo”. Even if it was for just a few hours. It was probably the most kilig moment of my life because I was surprised, not because he gave me flowers or anything but because he actually came to meet me. Best gift ever!

Sophia wrote the open letter to Blackpink. When she wrote this piece she was just really pissed off with her athlete-boyfriend. We think they're okay now and no, she did not use wrestling moves to neutralize her boyfriend when they met on Valentine's.