1. Her Hair

They say the hair is a woman’s crowning glory and your girl doesn’t spend almost half of their bathroom time just to have a bad hair day. She has to use at least three products to clean and condition it before proceeding to blow drying, ironing, styling and other methods. With all these efforts just to keep her crown shiny, she’ll surely appreciate if you notice a difference or two on the way she wears it—even if it just gone to curly from straight.

2. Her Cooking

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and women have learned to do this from the moment they held a ladle. A woman’s cooking is always magical because she can make a full course meal out of the ingredients you saw at the fridge and thought to be inedible. The task of thinking about what to serve three times a day is no joke so you should always appreciate whatever she puts on your plate.

3. Her Clothes

Another aspect of physical appearance that women pour their time and effort on are their clothes. Women always have the need to impress—no, not you or anyone else—herself so that she feels fully confident while out with other people. As her man, your duty does not stop from being a boyfriend. You have to be her stylist as well and help her pick the perfect outfit for that particular day. REMINDER: Your rate scale goes only from “you look good” to “you look stunning!!!”. 

4. Her Look

One mistake most men make is complaining about how long women take to get ready. Believe me, your girl is giving you the best option (because the other option is you going out with a sleep-deprived zombie). In order to achieve that princess look, your girl needs to first think and plan the colors that will suit the clothes she’ll be wearing. Then, the hard labor begins with enduring the sticky feeling of having liquid foundation on and reaches its climax with trying to put the same length and width of winged eyeliner on both eyes (you have no idea how hard that is). So, it is always appreciated if you don’t complain about how long it took her to beautify and actually take notice of the masterpiece she did on her face.

P.S. Taking an interest with picking the right shade and anything about makeup is a huge bonus!

5. Her Personality

Taking notice of her physical features will make her blush, but noticing what can’t be seen by the naked eye is what will make her fall. All the people your girl will bump into will see how great her hair is, or how the dress fits her perfectly, or how she nailed that smokey-eye look. Complimenting her unique traits and personality is a constant reminder of your dear love. It also sets you apart from others who doesn’t see what’s beyond her physical beauty. Admiring you girl’s effort to show who she is will keep her falling for you over and over again.