1. That itch


Ako, kaya ko naman, but only if I'm really  desperate and horny. Just to remove the itch. As I always say, kapag makati, kamutin mo. Pero looking back at it now, when I remember certain moments of the experience, medyo nakakapangilabot. Nadala kasi ng pangangailangan.

2. Naturally disgusted


Naturally nandidiri na ako sa mga lalaki so kailangan nga for me to enjoy sex dapat may kasamang feelings. Hindi rin ako madaling matigang so wag na lang.

3. The day after


Kapag matinding dry spell then maybe... preferably may tama ka rin para konti lang maalala mo. The worst part about doing it with someone you're not attracted to is the awkward conversation you have to have if she asks you if you wanted to do it again or she tries to get your number. Sinabi ko na lang sa kanya na medyo hungover pa ako nun kaya baka p'wedeng BJ na lang niya ako, ha ha!

4. Offering a helping "touch"


[Ed's note: We're not sure if this actually fits the list but we HAD to include it somehow. More power to you, Leslie] 

"I'm not sure if this counts but since you asked for a story, here you go...
I had this "friend" before in college that was unpopular... to say the least. He wasn't really a friend but I felt bad for him since everyone else seem to hate him because he had this weirdly shaped nose and was generally unattractive and recluse.

One really late evening after an oral exam, I was headed to my car when I heard someone sobbing in the cafeteria. I got really scared because I've heard stories of that place being haunted. But when I got closer I recognized that it was my "friend."

I approached him and asked why he was crying. He said nabasted siya ng crush niya. And hindi lang basted, pinagtawanan pa siya ng mga kaibigan nun. I offered him a ride home, since his house was on the way. We chatted a bit and I got to know that he was a decent guy. When we got to his place, I gave him a hug because I wanted to be nice. I forgot to mention that I've been blesses with really above average breast so he might have felt them a bit on his body. The hug lasted for about 15 seconds because he wouldn't let go for some reason.

 When it finally ended... dude, believe me when I say I've never seen a dick that erect in my life. Seryoso, kasi he was wearing really baggy pants kaya bakat na bakat sa shorts niya. And ako namang 'tong si tanga, instinctively reached out to touch it. Hindi ko rin alam kung bakit! It was like I was super surprised to see something like that, that I had to check if it was real or not. When I grazed the tip of his thing, bigla siyang nilabasan! What the fuck di ba?! After that, he just said "I'm sorry" and all I could say was, "oh my god."

He got out of my car and after I learned he got a LOA or something kasi I never saw him again. So, to answer your question, yes (?), it wasn't really sex but maybe a sexual experience, and I did reach out to grab his thing, albeit it being almost an involuntary impulse but, yeah. Okay, hope you can use this, ha ha!" - Leslie, 25

5. Magjaj***l na lang ako.


"Magjaj***l na lang ako."