We're pulling out all the stops to help out Sue Ramirez, who is currently No. 1 on our 2021 AO Hot 50 List.

When we put her there, we did so with the utmost respect we could accord her, as we always do with every woman we feature on AO. We’ve also been constantly reminding our community: it’s alright to admire women, but do so with gentlemanly respect, knowing your limits. Still, some people just don’t get it. This latest online trash at the expense of Sue and fellow actress Maris Racal is a loser’s gambit.

Read her caption, guys. She is pissed. We don't like it when she's pissed. Take it from us, you don’t get into a woman’s good graces doing these things. How about celebrating their womanhood guys, respecting their power, even putting them up on a pedestal? You’d be surprised at the results.