Our favorite Korean girl is finally engaged! To a Filipino no less! Well, he grew up in Australia and can't really speak the Filipino language but hey, Jinri says "I'm grateful I found a Filipino guy because I can always have a part of the Philippines, a place I called home with me in my heart <3" And if Jinri's happy, we're happy!

Jinri teased on Instagram a few days back that she was going to introduce her boyfriend on her YouTube channel. While a lot of her fans were disappointed that she wasn't single anymore (Laki kasi ng chance natin before di ba? Libre namang mangarap) they were still very happy for her.

On July 15, 2019, Jinri surprised all of her fans by uploading YouTube video on her YouTube channel, The Jinri Experience titled "I'M ENGAGED!!!"

that announced that she wasn't only dating someone, she was actually engaged to the guy!

Apparently, John (Jinri's fiancée) was Jinri's tour guide and they just hit it off after talking. While "getting to know Jinri just a little bit better... we just had that special connection," John said.

All the kiligs to Jinri and John. But, let us be the first to warn John that if he ever makes Jinri cry, a whole army of Jinja's will probably come after him.

Also, for all the fallen Jinja abangers out there, if there's one thing we can learn from all of this, it's to ALWAYS SHOOT YOUR SHOT!

Good luck and congratulations to John and Jinri!