Shounen (for boys) anime has always been one of the most popular genres because of how relatable it is. It's so easy to root for the typical shounen protagonist because they're stereotypically the underdogs of society but have the guts and determination to dream big. It's a formula that works (which is why we have so many protagonists wanting to be the next #1 Hokage Pirate King Saint despite them being a dumb, magic-less orphan boys).

Don't get us wrong, cheering for All Might during those hype moments in Boku no Hero Academia is super enjoyable and cathartic at times (that weabgasm every time "You Say Run" plays is priceless), but sometimes we just want things to make sense logically rather than just leaving things as "Oh he's going beyond his limitations... again! Plus Ultra... I guess!" This is why we feel like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is such a breath of fresh air for seasoned anime watchers.

Kimetsu no Yaiba keeps things simple. Its the story of a compassionate boy named Tanjiro whose family got attacked by demons. The sole survivor of the attack was his sister Nezuka but he later learns that even though she wasn't killed, Muzan Kibutsuji, the attacker and rumored origin aka the patient zero of all demons shares his blood with Nezuka and turns her into a demon. Apparently, whenever Muzan shares his blood with humans, it turns them into demons. Tanjiro now goes on a journey to find a way to turn her sister back into a human.

It's a pretty straightforward plot but we think that's what makes the series so endearing to watch. There isn't anything happening in the show *plot-wise* that was either pulled from the writer's ass or due to the power of friendship. There isn't a complex narrative that pulls apart the story in its seams to make the show feel deeper than it is.

The characters just act the way normal people would if they lived in an alternate universe where old japan would be fought over by demons and magical samurai. The main character's drive to battle these demons isn't to be the best that ever was but to simply just bring his old sister back to the way she was. It kind of reminds us of the Full Metal Alchemist series, which also has a somewhat simple narrative but handles things very well.

This is a bit of a spoiler but maybe we thought you would want to feast your eyes on this beautiful animation to encourage you to watch even more.

Kimetsu no Yaiba is simple yet effective storytelling at its finest (at least as of now). The pace of the show really wants you to yearn for more. Hopefully they can keep this quality consistent throughout the series because we could definitely have another shounen classic on our hands.