We have to thank the person who calls himself Roseller Kempis on Facebook for asking one of life’s most fundamental questions, namely: why does Yakult only come in small bottles?

So the way Roseller tells it, he randomly messaged the Yakult FB page and asked why they only produce Yakult in small bottles when there are generations upon generations of people like him who have grown up drinking Yakult and wishing there were bigger bottles. He didn’t seem like he was expecting a reply. 

But Yakult did reply and their answer was straightforward and very enlightening. Here it is: 

So now we know why Yakult comes in teeny weeny bottles (although there were times they produced them in big ones in limited quantities). It’s not because they’re party poopers, but because those lactobacilli creatures spoil easily. It also turns out there are a lot of other fun things we should know about Yakult and they have it placed on their website in amusing trivia form. Here they are:

We know this is a question everyone is dying to have an answer to because his post has garnered 95k reactions, 1700 comments, and 845 at this writing. Thank you Roseller for asking the right questions!