How did you react when we first featured you on AO?

When you first featured me a few months back on VMX I was quite surprised to be honest. Flattered but definitey surprised. It’s not something that I’m looking for or chasing after to be featured. I post pics on IG just for fun really, without ever looking to get anything out of it and I’m very strict with who I engage with. 

Tapos eto na nga we did an exclusive shoot. Have you ever been featured in an online magazine before, or any magazine for that matter?

I’ve been featured before on chalk magazine and a few other snippets here and there. But a shoot like this I’ve never done anything like it before. So thank you for giving me this experience I really enjoyed it!

Nung shoot nabanggit namin na classic ang look mo, do you often get this comment from other people?

Yes, I do get that often from people about the classic look thing. 

We also said you looked like ‘70s Pinay celebrity Sandy Andolong, but we guess hindi mo na siya inabot. Does your taste lean more towards the classic or are you more into the contemporary stuff?

I actually had to look up Sandy Andolong and yeah I can see what you guys meant. As for tastes I would say a bit of both. I love classic songs as well as modern ones. My taste in fashion ranges from classic pieces to more modern tones. It really depends on the situation.

What about in terms of how you look? Classic or modern?

Generally my look is towards the more simple side. Even when I go out or dress up I don’t really wear anything super sexy or revealing except when I’m at the beach or going swimming. I’m definitely open to changing it up though once in a while. It’s fun to experiment and try new things even if it’s just one time.

What is your definition of sexy? What is it about the female form that is so beautiful to photograph?

My personal definition of sexy in a woman is confidence, grace and having a good understanding of one’s self. Having inner peace and contentment in life is something I think is so precious. Having all of that let’s me know truthfully I can set out to do whatever I want with no remorse or regrets.