Just how fast do we fall head over heels in love with women we just met?

Aira Lopez apparently just started her YT vlog a month ago and immediately the algorithm gods figured we just had to meet her. Rightly so, when she appeared on our feed we immediately clicked on it. (Pretty soon, this AI thing is going to know what you want even before you’ve thought of it!)

And just like that we were smitten. All the social media platforms probably already have us profiled as guys who worship lovely ladies riding bicycles. To us, seeing these women in complete cycle kit is probably as sexy as seeing them in swimsuits by the beach. The thought that they can probably bust guys’ nuts as they whizz past them on the road adds to their charm. 

Aira is exactly the kind of lady on a bike we are describing. Not only does she look absolutely stunning riding her two-wheeled machine, she is a complete badass when she cranks on the pedals. 

Then we find out that Aira not only bikes—she runs and swims…and flies! Turns out Aira works as cabin crew at a local airline. How many boxes for DREAM GIRL are we allowed to tick off?!

Good thing it’s only been a month since she’s been vlogging so we’ve kind of watched, uhm, all of her videos already (stalkers, us?! Hindi ba pwedeng followers lang?!). We know that her dad is her mentor and constant cycling companion, that they own a lechon restaurant of some sort, and that she has other sisters who are equally beautiful.

If Aira weren’t already working in an airline, we’d say she would do equally well winning beauty pageants or becoming an artista. She is a dead-ringer for Miriam Quiambao! But who knows, maybe she already has that in mind, in which case Aira, you’ll be hearing soon from us gentlemen here at AO! 


Ikaw nga yung crush namin nung last flight!

She slays in a bikini!

Beauty queen pedigree

International style

Electric blue!

A class of her own

Sobrang fit!