The first thing on the minds of the VMX community when they first saw you on Facebook was, ‘who is that girl?’ Apparently, you haven’t appeared on their radars yet. So can you tell us some basics?

Okay so I’m Angela Maria Pineda Robson, 21 years old.  I’m a British-Filipino living in Angeles City, Pampanga. I graduated last year with a degree in Marketing Management from Angeles University Foundation. In Pampanga I’m known for being in the pageant circuit and for those who follow Eat Bulaga, I joined Miss Millennial last year representing Pampanga. I am very interested in cooking and culinary arts and I love water sports. There you go!

Great! Are you studying to become a chef soon?

I was taking lessons in culinary arts here in Angeles, some short courses but because of the pandemic I had to stop. 

What’s your specialty dishes?

I would say aglio e olio [spaghetti with garlic and olive oil], baked Mac and sinigang.

What about famous Kapampangan cuisine? Like those exotic ones!

Like frog legs? Ha ha ha! Well, I haven’t tried cooking that yet. Of course you know that sisig is the specialty here in Pampanga. Although I haven’t tried cooking it as well, did you know that there is actually a law here that says hindi mo pwede lagyan ng mayonnaise and eggs ang sisig? That is because it’s not how it is traditionally done here, and yet most restaurants in Manila and maybe elsewhere do that. The law was enacted by our former mayor. 

So what’s the punishment for breaking the sisig law?

I think shame lang, ha ha ha! 

What about your love of water sports?

I was learning to surf before the pandemic started. Diving, free diving, swimming—I love them! I was planning to get a scuba diving license but , again, the pandemic… 

You are definitely not afraid of water. 

No, but I’m scared of sharks. Hopefully when I learn to scuba I won’t be anymore. I’m also afraid of heights, but I love to hike up mountains. 

If a guy takes you out sky diving on a date, would you go with him?

Yes, if it’s for free, ha ha ha!