PERFECT CASTING is what it is!


We couldn’t think of anyone else taking on the role of a DOMINATRIX other than Ava Mendez. Her whole stature is towering, and not to mention the ‘in-charge’ albeit commanding appearance she perfectly carries on and off screen. 


Alpha male, is there even such a thing? Walang ganon ganon kay Ava dito. The bidding of Ava is absolute, and the only thing left to do is SUBMIT! 




In case you don’t know, a dominatrix pertains to a woman who takes control of her submissive partner in a BDSM set-up. “Dominatrix” meaning “a female ruler.” 


In a consensual environment, the dominatrix enforces the rules and boundaries of the relationship in order to fulfill and explore their desires and fantasies. Bondage, discipline, humiliation and role-playing, the dominatrix is in charge of it all! And to enhance the experience, the dominatrix may also use a variety of tools such as whips, chains and restraints. 


Now, Ava is the dominatrix. So, are you ready to submit? Take a look at her photos below and say ‘YES.’












DOMME starring Ava Mendez streams on Friday, March 17 exclusively on VIVAMAX! Helming the film is the cult-director Roman Perez Jr. 


Watch the official trailer of DOMME below!