Okay Chesca, tell us about yourself. 

Parang job interview ha ha ha! So I’m a part-time model. I’m an English teacher by profession. I taught English to Chinese and Vietnamese students at a school in Makati but had to stop because the lockdown. I am of Filipino, Spanish and Polish descent. Yung mom ko ang foreigner. My real surname is Blanco, I made it White just to play around with it. 

So you probably studied English in college, right?

No. I studied AB Fashion Design at Benilde. 

You seem to be going in different directions!

Hindi ko din maalala ano plano ko non. I was a working student back in college. Nakatira ako sa Taft, living alone, paying for my own rent. I worked at a call center then. I got into modeling right around that time just to see how it was. The opportunity to teach English just sort of fell into my lap so I took it. 

Wow, you’re a very independent woman. Impressive. How were you able to balance work and school?

I really can’t remember. Naalala ko lang lagi akong tulog sa klase. Kaya in the end I just decided to focus on work.

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