1) Obviously, you can lose your hard earned money if you get unlucky;

2) It's one hell of a responsibility and you can't really blame anyone else if you fail. You're accountable for whatever will happen;

3) You don't really understand everything no matter how much preparation and research you do. You'll learn everything through making mistakes.

And, there are honestly so many more reasons it is so easy to just give up and they all come from the fear of failure. That's why we really admire people like Lauren who not only chose to start her own business, but also start it in a province like Siargao, which helps out the community by invigorating the local economy and by conducting island and beach clean-ups to protect the environment. Oh, and did we mention that Sirena Spa also partners with local charity organizations to encourage the kids of Siargao to go to school regularly?

Now, that's a success story if we've heard one. Looking at how much good Lauren's business is doing, you wouldn't believe how hard it was for her at the start. That's why we thought it would be an awesome idea to ask Lauren to share a few tips and words of encouragement based from her own experiences that we could share with any aspiring entrepreneurs.