1. “He’s a very caring brother”

Lauren didn’t elaborate on this much but as we can see on social media, they really show a lot of affection towards one another, which is really sweet.

It's kind of disheartening to see that genderbend Lauren is pogier than most of us

Lauren werkin' that Korean side eye

2. "I get all the perks of him being rich AF, ha ha!"

Well, after all his sponsorships and endorsements, he better be. But Lauren was quick to clarify that she definitely brings in some bacon herself. "We’ll, now that I think about it, I don’t actually get money from him. I don’t gain a lot from him, like material things, I mean. Even when we were kids... he actually gained more from me! Ha ha! Okay, you can still include this one on the list, but I’d like to put it on record that I make my own monehhh, ha ha!" Lauren says.

3. "He's super talented and that inspires me."

The dude definitely looks like he works out (we mean, real recognizes real, of course). But we never knew that both Lauren and James were next-level athletic. "He was very shy when he was young. I was the more outgoing one. He’s got talent though, which inspires me. He’s a super amazing athlete, like you wouldn’t know, but he was an elite gymnast before—he can do a handstand for like an hour, ha ha! I did the same sport as him but I stopped and he was great so, yeah, inspiring!" Lauren says.

4. "Career-wise, I guess he opened the doors for me to be able to get into the industry."

Time flies so damn fast. We could have sworn that James Reid was a relatively new guy in the scene but his first stint in TV, in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010... was in 2010! He won against Ryan Bang! "I mean, he’s been doing this for, like, ten years now. I’m super thankful about that," Lauren makes us realize we're so old.

5. I met a lot of friends through him

Again, judging from their photos on social media, Lauren and James usually go and hang out with the same group of friends. Lauren also seems really close to James's partner, Nadine. "The friends that he introduced me to have become some of the closest friends I have 'til now," Lauren says

From @andrealuis Instagram account

Well, that's a sight to see.