So what have you been busy with besides your modelling?

I've been trying to reconnect with my passion for singing. I used to sing, when I was 13 years old. But I stopped because of modelling, so yeah.

Philippine Idol's really popular right now. Have you ever tried joining singing contests?

Well, nothing on that level. I'd perform at school contests sometimes. I probably won like twice out of the five times I tried. I think.

That's not bad. Did you have any vocal coaching?

My mom was actually in Center for Pop Music when she was in her teens. When I was a toddler, she'd teach me how to sing songs by Regine Velasquez, Sarah Geronimo, like those kinds of singers.

So you like to birit a lot then?

Well, maybe when I was still in singing school. I sang A LOT. But now, I think I'd prefer singing more pop songs like Adele, Sam Smith. Those types of people.

Those choices don't seem a lot easier to sing

Yeah, I mean I think I'll be okay as long as I practice.

So have you been practicing a lot lately?"

No, I haven't actually. Since I only got to working on my home studio like last week.

How are you like when you perform? Do you have any videos of you singing online?

I did but I deleted them, ha ha! I think I do well in front of big crowds. I have stage fright but it goes away after a while being on stage.

Do you have an alter ego like Sasha Fierce?

I feel like, maybe? Ha ha! The first song I did in music school was "Listen" by Beyonce. That's a really hard song, but then it was like really easy to me before, like I could actually hit the high notes. But now I feel like I need more practice

Would you ever consider joining a girl group? Kpop groups are super popular and we haven't seen a Ppop group really break out.

I mean I would be open to it but I feel like it would be so hard to be friends with, like, a lot of other girls because people get really insecure when they get compared to one another. I think it would be really easy to ruin friendships in a girl group.

But if your hypothetical girl group does break up maybe you can be the Beyonce of the group

Ha ha, I wouldn't mind but I still think I would be more comfortable working solo.

So, when can we finally hear a sample of your singing?

When I get fix up my home studio!