Everyone knows that the first step to becoming a household name is actually have people to pronounce your name properly. Okay, maybe it's not THAT important since Gal Godot [Guh-Dot], Ariana Grande [Gran-dee], and Camila Cabello [Cah-mee-lah Cah-bae-o] have millions of followers... who mispronounce their names.

That said, it's still such a hassle to correct people every single time so we thought it we'd set the record straight and help out our girl, Ella Hake, before she has to deal with this problem. 

So, now that we've put this debate to rest, it's Ella "HEYK" kinda like cake but sweeter. Not HA-KEH like sake, or HA-KI like hockey, or something. It's not THAT confusing.

Oh yeah, and Ella is pronounced as EL-YUH...

Just kidding.