1. Anna Patricia Quiogue

If you guys religiously follow the Premiere Vixens lineup each year, you've probably seen this standout beauty on your feed recently. Apart from showing us that safe sex is awesome, she's also appeared in a few online magazines like Idol Zone PH.

See her at the VMX Booth: 12pm-7pm
Instagram: @anna.qge

2. Mara Sheha Lee

If you guys go to car shows and similar events, you've probably seen or talked to Mara because this girl's just everywhere. We can see why she's a favorite of a lot of brands, so hopefully you'll get to talk to this veteran events model at the VMX Booth!

See her at the VMX Booth: 1:30pm-8:30pm
Instagram: @marashehalee

3. Christine Grace Co

Apart from car shows, you've probably seen this pretty chinita during A-Plus Paint shows sharing her many talents like really cute dancing and even cuter rapping.

See her at the VMX Booth: 3pm-10pm

Instagram: @iamchristineco_