1. First and foremost,  she can definitely rock that crown!

A lot of photos of Ganados have been going viral, particularly of one that shows the crown falling off her head, clearly because of the sheer happiness she's feeling. That said, we think the caption of the photo puts it best "Nahulog yung crown mga mamsh! Alams na! Ibang crown daw kasi dapat! Yay!" says pageantfeed.  

While we aren't that superstitious, it has happened before.

2. She's great at showing off the beauty of the Philippines

If you stalk Ganados' IG feed (like we did), she's a pretty traveled person, especially within the Philippines. As you can see, the photos she posts are pretty aesthetic and super like-able (though, maybe the fact that she's drop dead gorgeous contributes to it).

3. She won't let the stress get the best of her

She also has a lot of instagram posts about fitness and wellness, which we think everyone should get a bit more of! It's important to find work-life balance, especially when her Miss Universe duties flood in. Pinangunahan na!

4. She promotes core Filipino values!

It's no secret that Gazini Ganados really looks up and loves her mother. We think that family being one of her priorities shows us that she can really represent Filipino values on an international platform in an authentic way.

5. She already seems like she's already getting along with other queens!

Being Miss Congeniality is super important as well because that way we can see how well she handles talking to people and eventually being able to inspire them as a Miss Universe. We all know that her job as Miss Universe only starts after the competition and we feel like she has everything it takes to make her whole year with the crown as positively influential as possible.

Good luck, Gazini! We're rooting for you <3