Do physical traits matter to you, or are you the 'sense of humor' type of girl?

Definitely physical! Unang kong napapansin balbas! (laughs) 

Most Pinoys can't grow beards!

But when I said physical traits matter I'm mostly concerned about hygiene. Gusto ko yung malinis. Yung pag nakita mo parang ambango-bango. I'm not too concerned with other traits, but hygiene matters a lot.

What about height and all that? 

Huwag naman yung masyadong maliit (laughs).  I'm about 5'7". I dated a guy who's smaller than me, and it was just awkward. It's like I was going out with a brother or something!

If we can't be all that—bearded and tall—is there anything else that you'd want that would give the rest of us a chance?

I don't know how to cook, so cooking skills would definitely earn a guy points. My mom is a chef, but I don't know my way around the kitchen! And all the guys that I've had relationships with are pretty decent cooks. At lahat sila may balbas! (laughs)