You have a lovely figure. 

Thank you. Guys I've dated would ask me whether I work out. But I don't.


What can I say? I really don't go to the gym. I just do some exercises at home, but that's about it. They must think I work out because of my butt. 

Do you get offended when they mention your behind?

Well, they are big! (laughs)

Do you watch what you eat at least?

Malakas ako kumain! I get a lot of comments from my fellow models that they want to be as slim as me, but all I've ever wanted was to gain a bit of weight! I don't want to be this skinny. I drink beer just to get the calories! (laughs)

Not a wine/liquor gal?

I get drunk easily with liquors. And I don't like the hangover! But if you give me beer, I can finish a whole bucket by myself. I drink the strong ones sometimes, but they also give me hangovers. So, I stick with regular ones.