Let’s make this fun—slam book style! First, please introduce yourself.

I’m Miriam Reginaldo, 30 years old from Quezon City. My interests are cooking, traveling, watching movies and music. This past year I’ve been busy renovating my house, it’s been challenging because of the pandemic but luckily I’m happy that it is almost finished. Looking forward to relaxing a bit after and enjoying staying in. Aside from that taking care of my family usually takes up a good amount of my time.

Great! Let’s move on to motto, faves, and what is love and who is your crush!

My motto is “Life is short, always choose happiness.” Favorite food would definitely be steak and scallops. Favorite colors are black and white. Favorite song is “Hillsong”. My favorite place that I’ve been to is Japan. But my favorite place in life would be right here at home with all my family and friends. Favorite part of my body would be my eyes. What is love? Love is much more than the physical side of things. Love is sacrifice and patience and understanding. Love is certainly hard but worth it when it’s there.  My crush is Zayn Malik.

We understand you are a model, what projects do you usually take?

Before the pandemic I would do the usual event circuit around the city and occassionally out of town. Motor shows, corporate events and things like that. I also do the occasional print and fashion modelling too. 

Is the IG account where we saw a personal page or do you maintain that for collabs and influencing projects?

My IG account is my own personal one. I only have one other account for a side business that I do with my relatives. That’s the account where we sell cakes and pastries called @bakewithmiriam.