Do you remember the exact moment when you decided to make a clean break from showbiz?

When I got married at 22. After which I decided to live in the States and continue my studies there. But in my mind I did not really quit showbiz, more like taking a very long vacation; I knew someday I would actually come back. I decided to go semi-retirement not because I hated the profession, but I wanted time for myself and know more things outside of showbiz that make me the person that I am. 

What did you find out about yourself?

I found out that I was a domesticated person. And I was intelligent naman pala, because I graduated as a Dean’s Lister.

Do you still stories to your daughter about how big a star you were then?

Yes, I do. She knows how it was crazy. She’s also experienced being on set when I did projects for film and TV. But I don’t want these things to get to her head. 

Does your daughter have plans of becoming an artista like you?

Showbiz is in her blood. She has a really good voice, she sings well. When she was seven she passed an audition for Nickelodeon but her dad just could not leave his job to look after her and I was just restarting my career here so I couldn’t just leave and dishonor my contracts to take care of her. Good thing she didn’t feel bad about it.  

If she does decide to take a shot at it, she would have to deal with today’s trolls and bashers. Do you think fans today are more cruel than they were back then?

We’ve had mean fans in the past and I see there are mean fans now—they all just belong to a different eras, but it’s still the same old bullshit ha ha ha! I guess they’re just more brazen now using the social media platform. Good thing there are already laws now against cybercrime and cyber-bullying. 

What is the plan for 2019?

Well, I’m just trying to enjoy myself and go with the flow. I’m doing a teleserye now on GMA-7 called Magkaagaw. It’s a story about a career-driven woman, coming from a wealthy family, who is also balancing a life of being a loving wife. But she doesn’t see herself living a domesticated life with kids and all that. She goes to the US to pursue her career, putting pressure on her marriage, but she comes back hoping to salvage it, her husband marries another woman. I’m the first wife who’s out for revenge so I’m going to give hell to the other woman and her daughter from my husband, who turns out to be my assistant, ha ha ha! 

We know that you are also into recording. Any chance we can hear a new song in the vein of “Mr. Dreamboy”?

Well, I have a new arrangement for “Mr. Dreamboy” that’s catered to this time; it’s more acoustic. Im going to sing it on one of those radio stations that go on the road soon, watch for it! 

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