"But why?" You may ask. We've been publishing content on our website AOmnl.com, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Channel for over a month now and it just made us realize, without a doubt, that digital content is truly the future of media. That said, we can't help but be a little nostalgic of the time when you could say that "this is my magazine." Because you can never say "this is my website." It's just nice to be able to hold something and call it your own. 

AO the Magazine is a publication that showcases celebrity women shoots exclusive only to print. The difference here with our content on digital is that the photographs are more conceptual and thematic, in keeping with our goal to make the magazine highly collectible. This first issue is called At The Cinema, where we translate the photographs of 12 of the most desirable female celebrities in local showbiz into movie pitches.

AO the Magazine will only be published twice a year, so you can be sure that every issue is a Collectors Issue. Looking at the photos here, we can confidently say that you have the perfect Issue No. 1. 

Now, we've been trying to keep things low-key since we were planning to surprise you guys but it seems like the stars of our magazine couldn't help but tease you guys about this project. Honestly, we were about to crack ourselves.

Here are a few of the AO the Magazine Leaks that will finally make sense to you guys.

That's a very nice tattoo.

One of our fave shots of Kylie for sure.

How can you not melt when she looks at you that way?

Finally got your letter, Yam.

You can't apologize for looking that amazing, Rhen.

We weren't wasting water. Promise.

She still looks like she's dancing.