How cool is it to be in a band where a woman plays the drums?

Most times people would expect them to be fronting the band as singers. And that is just too bad. On one hand, maybe these women really do have the charisma to carry the weight of the band. But once the stereotypes kick in, it all boils down to them being eye candy. That is not right. 

Yam Concepcion certainly thinks it isn’t. She’s a great drummer who can take the physicality of the drum kit and get a huge wall of sound out of it as well as the best of the boys out there. She sounds solid playing with her band, grunge revivalists Ursa Minor (with her brother who sings and plays guitar). Watch this video to see for yourself:

This is what we like about Yam—you cannot box her in. When she began her career as a sex goddess in Rigodon she went into it with full passion. Then we find out she can do just as well being a wicked woman in Halik. And now we are anticipating her in a leftfield horror movie directed by Yam Laranas, NightShift.

Who knows what Yam might come up with next?  In the meantime, enjoy these moody set of Yam outtakes from #AOTheMagazine. The magazine is still available at Booksale, Filbar’s and National Bookstore branches nationwide. Get your copies now!  

You can watch our behind-the-scenes video of Yam Concepcion here.