Photographers: Jerico Montemayor & Jogz De Jesus
Make-up stylist: Rhina Montemayor
Hair stylist: Christian Bojo 
Styling: J-em Sta. Ana 

The quality you like the most about yourself? 

l am open to new ideas and try to get to the root of everything. I am an explorer and have never give up attitude in life


Your best friend's name? 

Ang dami nila, lol!


What's the worst place you have ever been to? 

I've never had what you could call a terrible travel experience but probably to the places that I have a lot of bad past experiences. 


What is the meaning of life? 

Life is a continuous learning process.

Bravest thing you've ever done? 

Fight for my own right. Having a voice. 


What do you think of public displays of affection? 

Even though some people find it gross and awkward, studies suggest that PDA means the lovey dovey couple is happier, healthier, and have more than couples who don't show affection in public


Describe your daily routine.

I live alone so first thing in the morning, I brush my teeth then prepare breakfast. After I eat, I wash my face then clean my condo. After cleaning, I take a bath then do my script reading. I make sure that everything I do has a time of its own. I never make a habit of looking at my phone first thing in the morning; seeing or reading something negative first thing in the morning can trigger your stress response and put you on edge for the rest of the day.


Describe your soul mate.

A soulmate isn’t just something you can describe easily. Sometimes you think that the person is the one but ends up drastically.


Favorite games.

League of Legends and Valorant. I’m still learning Dota!


Favorite sports.

Taekwondo and running. l am learning football and volleyball. 

If you were an author, what book would you write? 

Something in the fantasy genre. I love how our mind can imagine a lot of things even though they aren’t real.

If you had superpowers, what would it be? 

The power to heal.

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be? 

My grandma.


Nicknames people call you in general? 

Geli, Nessa, Anj, Nes, Babe, Girl, Beshie, Boi, etc,.. 😂


Favorite part of your body? 

My face, because a smile and happy eyes always spread positivity. Also, my curves. Although there are days that I think badly about myself, I remind myself that I am who I’m meant to be.


What is your all time funniest prank?

Making something that looked like poop out of brown rolled tissue! My mom accidentally sat on it and screamed, thinking it was real poop 😂


What is your favorite movie? Why? 

The Age of Adaline. Adaline Bowman has miraculously remained a youthful 29 years old for nearly eight decades. Not many movies go from "eh" to “wow", The Age of Adaline is one of them


What is your favorite vacay spot? 

Cold places and places close to nature. 


What is the sexiest part in a guy/girl for you?

The eyes.


What would be the one thing you'd change about yourself? 

My shyness, I want to be confident and never look back on the things that I’ve already done. I use to overthink things when I get too jolly/carefree 


Most important thing in your life? 

Family and health. 


What is your worst habit? 

Overthinking until I’m being eaten up by my own thoughts. 


What social media platform do you always use? 

IG, FB, TikTok.


Are you more organized or disorganized? 

Organized—but sometimes I have my lazy days.

Serious or fun-loving? 

Serious and fun-loving! Depends on the mood.


Studious or carefree? 

Studious but trying to be carefree!


What’s your favorite sexual fantasy? 

Sometimes romantic, sometimes wild

What’s the sexiest outfit a guy should wear to turn you on? 

To not be in an outfit at all 🤣

What defines a sexy man according to you? 

A gentleman. 

How and where you do like being touched the most? 

Hug and a kiss on the forehead.