These IG Posts

1. This photo is what actually got us thinking that Sheryl Cruz would be game for our feature

2. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

3. #JetSkiChic

4. She's a selfie goddess as well!

5. The hula hoop queen of celebrities?

6. What a refreshing look!

7. Did the ice just melt because of Sheryl?

8. We weren't ready for that 

9. She hasn't aged a day!

10. Beautiful inside and out!

11. Our fierce queen!

12. A blast from the past

13. The look of elegance

14. Girl on fire!

15. She's feeling it

16. Who knew this cute girl would turn into such a hot woman?

17. How talented is she?!

18. She can pull off any look

19. Poised in any situation

20. Can't wait to open this present

21. We miss this hairstyle!

22. Breathtaking 

23. She's an awesome mom as well

24. So well-traveled 

25. Just flawless

These rewatchable videos

26. Looks delicious!

27. Ang lambot ng katawan!

28. The key to looking this good is definitely a healthy lifestyle

29. We're tired from just watching... but we did anyway because Sheryl

30. Hopefully the first of many?

31. Showing us how it's done

32. Not Sheryl but is cute AF

33. Titos all over imagined Sheryl singing this song for them

34. Like listening to an angel

35. Of course, we couldn't end the list of videos without this

36. A karaoke version just because we know you want to

37-50 Our lovely photos of our one and only Dream Girl, Sheryl Cruz