First an embarrassing confession: we can play basketball, but only just a bit so. We are not even sure our skills qualify for the village limahan. Believe us, we tried to squeeze ourselves in every game at our subdivision, but somehow the other boys end up completing the lineup and we’re always left out. 

Kung ayaw nila, ‘wag nila! Hindi naman namin sila love. We mean, seriously, despite our mediocre baller skills we love the game. Right now we will also confess that we love the game so much that our dream girl among many of our dream girls come from the game. Her name is Christiana Dimaunahan. 

First time we saw Christiana playing ball was with the high school women’s team of the University of Sto. Tomas. Even then, while her beauty shone through on the hardcourt, you could hardly notice it because it was always her basketball skills that was at the fore. True enough, when she graduated high school she was picked up by the National University to play for the women’s b-ball team. 

Are you a Ginebra fan? If yes, then you’ll love her even more. She is the daughter of one time Ginebra player Aris Dimaunahan. 

If it weren’t too creepy to be following her around every time she had practice, we’d be stationing ourselves at the sidelines to cheer her on. Whenever she puts her game face on, we end up blushing and giggling like toothless young boys. 

Christiana’s mother, by the way, used to be a teen star on TV in the ‘80s, so she has a bit of showbiz blood in her. That could be the reason why she registers so well on screen in her YT videos—she has begun vlogging, people, so it’s incumbent upon us to like, subscribe, and follow her so she’ll have more reasons to create videos:

And finally, she also is on Instagram. But here's the sad thing: her main account was hacked so she has a secondary account that has only a handful of posts. She is asking our help to report her account as hacked so let's do our share guys, Christiana's main IG account is that valuable!