So where did Ella Killa came from?

I actually got Ella killa from another IG influencer, Camilla Killa. I was like 15 at that time and I thought that it was pretty cool that Ella Killa rhymed... kinda. People would tell me it doesn't really rhyme but they said it fit well with my personality and look on Instagram.

Besides her name, did you get influenced by other things about her?

Oh not really, ha ha. I like her but I don't think we're that similar. She lives in Los Angeles and I think people from there are a bit more provocative than people here in the Philippines. 

What do you mean exactly by provocative? You do post some daring photos though.

Maybe when you show a lot of boobs or a lot of ass. It's in their culture to walk around like that and no one would really care but you can't do that here in the Philippines. At most, I think I would be comfortable if I wore something with some balance to it. Like if I wore something with a lot of cleavage then I would wear something a bit more covered for my bottom.

What if the Philippines is a lot more accepting towards that sort of sexual expressionism, would you be more inclined to dress more provocatively?

I mean, I would but then again, I grew up in a very religious family. My family would scream at me if I did. 

Let's pretend your family was okay with it

I don't think there's anything wrong with showing a little bit of skin only if I feel like it. I want to be transparent with what I'm feeling. I feel like if I show less people would wonder more. There has to be a balance to everything.

You mentioned earlier that people from LA (and in extension), the US are more provocative than people in the Philippines but are there any Filipino influencers that are more provocative like that ones in LA? 

Yeah I feel like there are some girls that are really provocative here in the Philippines, but like I'm not throwing shade to that, like, you go girl. Do whatever you want. But I can have my own way of doing things and still respect your way as well. I want to be able to set my own limits of provocativeness and mysteriousness.

A lot of people, especially in the Philippines, have a lot of strong opinions about women posting provocative pictures of themselves. How do you keep things from getting out of hand?

Well, I feel like there's probably a lot of people who are gonna be stereotyping and all that. And that's their opinion. They can say whatever they want as long as I know the people that are important to me know who I really am, that's what's really important to me. 

But, how do you handle people that are abusive and that are crossing the line?

Sometimes I've had guys come up to me at bars thinking that I'm easy. When I tell them off, they're like "f*ck you. You're not like this on Instagram." What they fail to realize is that IG is a job to me and I post stuff that I want them to see. I post what I want and what sponsors want.