So we gotta ask, who's the lucky person who gets to take your photos?

Sometime I get my sister to do it or my roommates. Sometimes when they're feeling lazy I just set up a tripod and just do it myself. 

We're just a DM away you know... anyway, how much "prep time" goes into figuring out what to shoot and post? Like, do you brainstorm for what you need for the day?

It's actually difficult for me to describe my aesthetic on Instagram because it's typically just clean, like, white walls and everything. Maybe I put the occasional chair or table. I always use solid colors like grey, black, white, pastel... nothing too colorful.

How did you come up with that aesthetic?

Mostly from inspiration I get from Pinterest pictures.

Did you see an increase in your following when you started to make your IG look more thematic and visually pleasing?

Yeah, people like to see interesting pictures. You know, those Tumblr-y pictures, with nice backgrounds and everything. 

When did you decide that wanted to be an influencer?

I never really decided on that. It just happened. People just kept on sending me stuff and I just post pictures of their products. 

Do you remember the first thing that you ever received from a brand?

I was 15 and I had a photo shoot with a swimsuit brand. They sent me more of their products after and I posted them on my social media.

Wow, fifteen's pretty young. Did you find it awkward being approached by bikini brands so early on in life?

Not really, because I was really into it before they reached out to me. I always see models posting bikini pictures, so when I had that photo shoot I was really happy. 

Did your following just snowball after that?

I did get a few more followers. When I was 16 I already had 10k followers and I think I got lucky because Instagram was starting to really blow up at that time because brands were starting to really invest into social media.

How do people get followers on Instagram? Do you promote yourself or anything?

No, I don't really do that. I'm not really sure, actually. I sometimes feel kinda weird because, you know, I don't understand why people find my Instagram interesting, but I'm happy that they do. I guess it helps when a magazine features me as a model or when brands tag me in their posts. Usually, I see a lot of people follow during those instances.

Most people use IG to just past the time or to stop themselves from being bored. How do you view IG as an influencer?

For me, Instagram is mainly for work, but at the same time I put my heart and soul to my work so whatever creative side I have, and whatever people want to see on Instagram I put that all in one. And I feel nowadays, people just want to see more girls in bikinis, girls wearing lingerie, and makeup stuff.