So why do you want to be an actress?

The first reason would be because I'm a book worm. I get inspired by all of the books that I've read. I would imagine myself in the story I'm reading and how I would act out the exciting parts that touched me.

What kind of books do you read?

More on romantic comedies, like one of my favorites at the moment is What Lies Beneath The Sand by jonaxx. It's from wattpad.

Wattpad gets a lot of bad rep, though. It's like most people don't really consider it to be actual literature. How do you feel about that?

I think you have to set your expectations. If you expect a realistic love story then you will probably be disappointed. The stuff the jonaxx writes is fiction but it's based from real-life experiences. If you relate enough  to the characters of the book, I feel like you would see things differently. The world right now is so full of hatred so I feel like it's important to enjoy love stories like this.

So if you were to become an actress are those the roles that you would be looking for?

I would love to be in a movie like, My Love From The Star--it's a Korean drama. I love the main character since she's so true to herself. If she doesn't like someone, she'll say it to their face. She's not a backstabber. It was so sad when... oops, sorry spoilers! 

It's fine. We'll warned them [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Ha ha! If you say so. Well, when she lost all of her money, she didn't even cry or worry about it that much. She knows that it's just money and she can still earn it back through hard work. She's one of my inspirations. Oh and, even though she's a fighter, she still loves the people she cares about unconditionally.

So you like powerful female characters

Yeah! I'm actually an MCU fan and I'd love to play a superhero someday!

So, we have to ask, what kind of superhero would you be?

I wanna be like Wonder Woman! Oh, wait, since we're in the Philippines, dapat Darna! Though, Jane de Leon got the part already.

Yeah, sayang! We're sure that you would have at least looked awesome in her costume, though

Ha ha! Well, if I had to dream of a role why not dream big?