What made you decide to go into modelling?

I'm using some of my earnings to help out my father because he’s been experiencing lung problems.

Oh, that's very mature of you.

I used to waste all of my money on partying and going out. Now that I'm grown up I feel like it's time I should give back. He's almost 60 this year. I want to help out in any way I can.

What did you do before you got into modelling?

I just graduated last year. I took international studies at first then I shifted to Tourism Management. I had plans to become a flight attendant but I didn't get accepted.

Oh, what happened?

I had tonsillitis on the day of my interview so I couldn't really speak that well. It takes months for them to reply to emails so I couldn't just reschedule so I went through with the interview even though I was sick. Sayang nga eh.

But at least you're doing well at modelling. How long has it been since you started?

I actually started modelling when I was 13. The first gig I got was for a clothing brand. I was chosen out of 500 applicants so it made me really happy when I got the job.

So you must have been popular at school.

Actually, I lost a lot of my friends when I became a model. They said I was being too "proud" about my accomplishments. But it doesn't really bother me since I became more independent.

Did you make other friends through modelling at least?

Yeah, they understood what I was going through so I guess that made our friendship deeper. I met my model friends when I was 14 and they've been with me even through the tough times during my teenage years. They're all really nice.

Do they also do sexy pictorials like you?

Not really. Though one of them does post a lot of bikini pictures whenever we go to the beach. The other one is a bit more conservative because she's more into fashion.

What made you decide that you wanted to go with the sexier route of modelling?

I think it's because of FHM. I got a lot of offers after I posed for their website. Like, the projects I got were mostly because they saw my sexy photos. For example, they invited me to guest at Minute To Win It as a sexy, fit influencer.

Which IG influencers influence the stuff we see on your feed?

I really love Kelsey Merritt because she has a lot of attitude while being very sexy. She's such a baddie. I'm actually inspired a lot more by western models rather than Filipino ones because they post sexier stuff. 

What can we expect from your IG feed in the future?

I'm definitely going to travel more to showcase my unused clothes. I always go to beaches so all I get to wear are bathing suits and bikinis so I still have a lot of unused boots in my cabinet, ha ha! I want to show off my keen fashion sense while still being sexy.

You said earlier that you were inspired by the sexier shoots of western models. Do you have any limits when it comes to how much skin you want to show off?

Yeah, I have limits naman. I will never do a nude shoot since my parents are a bit conservative. Though, even if I had a choice, I wouldn't do it anyway. You can be sexy even with clothes on.