Fun fact: We shot Cristine Reyes’ VMX The Magazine feature shortly before she switched to her unmissable crimson hair.

A part of us immediately felt that we missed out big time. Surely having her brilliant red look was the perfect match for our concept of an edgy Cristine Reyes. Not to mention being able to giver her look a proper debut of sorts with our shoot. Not to mention how hot it all looked.

Then again, our shoot showed off the classic Cristine. Then fresh from finishing Maria, a girl who can go from sweet to sultry in a hearbeat. A look that would probably age better than red hair ten years from now.

After thinking about it some more, we’re still not sure if we would definitely choose one look over the other, but another thing became clear: Cristine Reyes can pull off any look she wants. We’re just happy to be here!

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Our behind the scenes video of Cristine Reyes here: