Danita Paner hasn't exactly been a prolific poster on social media lately and we're not sure how to feel about that. On one hand, it's nice to wake up to a sexy selfie from your crush everyday. On the other, getting an unexpected new photo from her on your feed feels like Christmas and is a welcome surprise and feels extra special. Honestly, we don't know what to choose. *"Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Ko" plays in the background*

What's sure is neither situation is akin to living in the darkest timeline and perhaps the happy middle ground is a third-party posting pics of your faves. Like VMX and this Danita Paner gallery we lovingly prepared just for you!

Art direction by Paul Villariba
Styling by Sancho Bernardo & R-jay Ramos
Makeup by Janina Dizon
Hair by Sid Panizales