After meeting Jennifer Lee and seeing her in person at VIVA Con, we were certain that some witchcraft and wizardry was afoot because there has to be a magic trick that she uses in order to age that gracefully. The only thing that changed was the treatment of the photos!

But we've already thrown that theory out the window and replaced it with a new one... Now we think she's got a case of the Benjamin Button's because it just seems like she's growing more youthful by the second. Hopefully she doesn't go overboard and turn into a baby or something... though baby Jennifer Lee would still probably be cute AF. Here are some photos to prove our point even further but then again, maybe it's just an excuse to stalk @djjenniferlee one more time.

Remember guys, eye contact is very, very important!

She even plays baril-barilan!

If the VIVA Hot Babes sold aging cream, they would probably make billions off our girlfriends

She probably knows more contemporary music than you too

This is why you take care of your body when you're younger, gentlemen

Happy birthday, Jennifer!