Do you live alone? 

Yeah. I do have a cat. I'm a very cat person. 

How do you manage living alone and taking care of yourself?

Keeping busy keeps me busy! I do a lot of things so I’m always planning for the next day when I’m about to sleep. I wake up in the morning, take my coffee, and begin my day. It’s important to keep myself productive because if I don’t I’m going to go crazy!

Are you in a relationship? if you're not in a relationship, what's wrong?

Ha ha ha! Actually, I am single. May irereto ka ba sa akin diyan? Ha ha ha! Bet you didn't think I would ask that of you. I am dating, I still consider myself still single because I'm not planning to settle anytime soon but I'm definitely picking and choosing who I spend my time with.

Do Pinoy guys score high on your list? 

I like their passion. The way they make ligaw, the way they show you how much they like you.

They say hindi na raw uso ang ligaw. But you still want the old-fashioned way? 

There should be a modern term for making ligaw. It's basically you making the effort to hang out with that person, making the effort to create that bond.  

Let's go through the "slam book" questions—what music do you like, your hobbies, and all that. Where would you like to start?

Let's start with my love for listening to music. Music is the best thing that was ever invented! I listen to a lot of RnB. I like hip-hop. I can rap if I need to. I like live music. I like to see people jam. I'm definitely one of those girls who would sit in front of a really nice band. I can't sing, though. 

You mentioned coffee, Are you a coffee person? 

Yes. It’s bad! It's basically an addiction. You can see the amount of energy I have right now. It’s because I had two cups of coffee today! 

So you know how to make good coffee?

I'm planning to invest in a good coffee maker actually. It's in my cart on Lazada. 

What kind of food are you into? 

I don't like eating fast food. I mean I crave it sometimes but not, like, every day. I try my best to eat healthy. Fave food is definitely Persian food. 

When we say Persian food most of us can only think shawarma.

Shawarma actually originated from bandang India and then it kinda got famous in middle East. Lamb kebab is a good example of authentic Persian food.