1. Kim Luz

We're not sure how unfair the world is to create a person who looks so perpetually "fresh" in all her photos. Like, it's kinda not fair but we can't really complain because it does make us happy every time Kim posts something new. You've probably seen her acting all cute and kawaii on Idol Zone or frolicking at the beach with her equally kawaii friend, Essy Lee.

See her at the VMX Booth: 12pm-7pm
Instagram: @kimluzofficial

2. Ivy Lee

We guarantee that one look from Ivy and you'll forget your last Kpop bias just like that (and she's not even Korean). This 25-year old model loves to go hiking up the mountains and meeting new people at the beach. She's also super artistic.

Btw, we LOVE CATS.
See her at the VMX Booth: 1:30pm-8:30pm
Facebook: Ivy Lee

3. Mayzelle Ang

May Zelle has got a smile that'll brighten up your day and make you want to buy a new car. She's a car show veteran that we're sure you've seen at least once or twice if you're into car events. 

See her at the VMX Booth: 3pm-10pm

Facebook: May Zelle

Special thanks to The Facets Team Network for helping us reach out to these awesome girls!