Hey Stacey! If you don’t mind us asking, what's your nationality?

I'm actually Filipino! I was born and raised here in the Philippines. My mother is Filipino and Portuguese and my dad is Spanish, a Spanish descent. My paternal family migrated to the Philippines around two generations ago.

Have you ever been to Spain?

I travel there quite often. I go back and forth. Nandoon pa rin kasi lahat ng pamilya ko on my father's side so binibisita ko sila sa Madrid but growing up also, tumira rin kasi kami sa San Francisco for a while. That's why I'm a mix of a lot of different cultures 

So that’s why we couldn’t tell where your accent is from

I think my English accent is still my California accent. Yeah, it still is.

If you had to pick just one place to recommend to go to, which would you pick?

Wow, nako, that's a tough one but I really love Italy. Dahil nga taga-Spain yung pamilya ko, it's so easy to travel around Europe. Lilipad lang kami or magte-train. I really love Italy, my favorite part in Italy is Capri. It's this island, it's very blue and very white. It's kinda looks like Santorini, a little bit. A lot of like, yung mga bahay na like elevating. It looks like a mountain with a lot of houses going up and up.

If you could bring one thing from Capri here to the Philippines, what would it be?

I think it would be, I believe in Italian they call it "El dolce far niente" and that means "The sweetness of doing nothing" and that's the Italian way of life. I feel I would bring that to the Philippines to make people just be more relaxed, more laid-back, and less aggressive and stressed.

Why do you think a lot of Filipinos in the Philippines are on edge?

I love the Filipino spirit, there's no stronger spirit on the Earth, but I feel as though sometimes we need to kind of sit back and relax a little bit because life is very fast-paced, especially in Manila, you know? It's the hustle and bustle of the city. I feel like it'd be nice just to enjoy peace, just to enjoy doing nothing; I that'd be cool.

How's your life now that you're an artista? Aren't you guys busy all the time with shoots like this?

Totoo, well, para sa akin naman, at least in my personal life nothing has changed. Walang nagbago, I'm still what I'm like at home, I'm still a daughter, a sister but life is more busy, for sure. But it's nice, it keeps you going, my days are all filled up and fruitful so that's nice and I don't many days off but I love it, I love it like that. Right now, I'm really enjoying it.

Art direction by Paul Villariba
Styling by Deb Bernales
Makeup by Nicole Ceballos
Hair by Muriel Vega-Perez
Shot on location Edge of Light Studios