How do you manage to look so confident and sexy in front of the camera when you're naturally shy in real life?

I really don't know how to explain it. I think my mind just goes blank. I know kasi that if you worry about this and that it will show your face. So, for sexy shoots like this one, you just have to be numb and your mind just have to focus on the photographer and be in the moment.


A lot of people don't understand how people as beautiful as you can be insecure. Could you help explain to them why that is?

Because I'm human. We all have insecurities naman kahit the prettiest girl in the world probably has insecurities too. I don't know why, maybe that's just how we are as humans? We're never content maybe because we're the ones who have to take a look at ourselves in the mirror every single day. We have the time to see things other people don't see. The longer you look, the more things you notice, and the more you think about them.

So how do you stop thinking?

To be honest, I can't just stop thinking about them. No matter what I do, what positive changes I make for myself, I'll still find something. For example, you're insecure about... let's just say your elbow, you fix your elbow and then you find something wrong with how your knee looks and then you'll get insecure about that. Any girl that I've asked have insecurities din. I'm not sure why we all have them, but we do.


If one of your followers on Instagrams sees a photo of you and becomes insecure about his or her body, how will you make them feel better?

Social media is a very slippery slope because you're only showing what people want to see. People have to understand that people on social media, especially mga models, use a lot of editing apps plus some of them even got plastic surgery. If the thing you're upset about is changeable through something like exercise, maybe you should try that. Even if the change isn't as immediate as you would want it to be. 

Do you have anything to say to people who hate their bodies?

You have to look at it from different perspectives and you have to think of the positives. I'm learning to love my thighs because before they were really big because I played rugby. I especially hated them nung nagte-trend yung thigh gap. But then I realized that I should be thinking, it's not "Oh my thighs are so big" I should be thinking that "Oh my thighs are so strong. I can run fast and I can kick someone." You just have to change the negative word into the positive word. My cheeks is another insecurity of mine, I think they're kind of siopao. I just think that I have a baby face and when I'm older, I'll still look young. Just try to embrace yourself as much as possible, which is very easier said than done for sure. I don't know, there's just so much hate na in the world, why hate yourself pa?