In one of Jessy Mendiola’s new vlog episodes over at her official YT channel she had as her guest social media celebrity Crisha Uy and they engaged in a couple of popular YT challenges: Drink or Spill and Never Have I Ever. We’re going to focus on Drink or Spill:

This is of particular interest to us because this is where Jessy revealed that there was one time when a suitor gifted her with underwear, and this without the guy even knowing what her size was! Obviously, Jessy had never made mention of anything even remotely near the subject of underwear because, well, the guy was still courting! Jessy said it wasn’t that she didn’t like it, only that she found it weird that the guy knew.

And that, gentlemen, is what we will talk about. The manliligaw had some mad skills we should all learn. Borderline serial killer, yes, but still a learnable skill. So we suggest you watch the vlog first and let’s distill the skills that you have to learn in order to get to the point where you can buy your girl underwear with no prior knowledge of her size or whatever!

1. Be good enough to get invited to dinner with her family


This entails investing your time and effort not just on your girl but on her parents as well. As they say, ligawan mo muna magulang niya. If they don’t like it’s unlikely you’ll get to hang out at her house, much less dinner. 

2. When you do get to the dinner table, master the perfect timing for pagbabanyo


You don’t do this immediately. You need to first make sure that everyone’s settled on the table and no one is in the mood to get up to accompany you to the toilet. When everyone is comfortable eating and talking, that’s when you excuse yourself.

3. You should have planned ahead and memorized the rooms in her house before the visit


This is crucial—you’ve already gained the girl and her family’s trust and you need to excuse yourself so you go alone. Now you spring the plan. Because you’ve already mapped out her house even before you got there (how you do this is where your serial killer instincts come in), you know where the toilet is, but more importantly, you know where her room is. And most important, you know where she keeps her underwear. 

4. Sneak into her room, take her underwear, note the measurements (if you have to sniff before you put it back, we won’t judge you)


This is the culmination of your caper. The best thing you can do is take pictures of her underwear so that when you go the store to pick one all you need to do is show the photos to the sales person. 

5. Wrap the underwear, give it to her as a gift, take pride in your weird abilities!


Congratulations, you’ve just seared yourself into the memory of your girl just like Jessy Mendiola who’s all but married now but cannot forget that one incident!