Let's talk about the podcast, what is it called and what topics to you cover? 

It's called Jinja Jinri. “Jinja” means real in Korean, so the podcast is all about getting to know the real me. I don’t really have a lot of platforms where I talk about myself in a deeper sense, mostly they know me for my shoots and that is why I loved my stint in Pinoy Big Brother because I was able to show my vulnerabilities and people somehow related to that. I want people to know that I'm a relatable person,  that I also have problems and I talk about a lot of my issues on that podcast. 

So it’s pretty personal.

Yes, I talk about the things that i go through especially being a foreigner, both in the Philippines and Australia. I've been a foreigner almost all of my life! I also plan to talk about my modeling career, how hard it was going through the struggles in the industry. All in all, I just want to rebuild my career on relatability.

Is this a solo podcast?

Yes, it’s solo but i'm planning to have guests on the podcast.   

But because you already worked on radio we guess this is not a new thing for you.

I think being a DJ or almost five years definitely helped me produce this podcast. It’s interesting because when I was on radio I used to have a partner who I could banter with and now it’s all me and the thing is I don’t edit my podcast because I still don’t know how so I’m kind of doing it live! But I’m enjoying it, I feel like I’m talking to a friend. 

Because you talk about more personal things, is your audience more female now than male?

Actually, I still have more men. It's about 70% male and 30% female, which is really not common in podcasting because I hear that a lot more women are listening to podcasts. I’m very thankful they’re still here to support me and I guess it’s important for men to connect with their emotions!

Are you planning to be a mom soon?

I definitely want to be a mom in the future but right now I want to do more things for myself because if I get pregnant i know it will limit my personal time and my personal space so i agreed with my husband that for now I want to focus on myself because I’m still young.

Jinri Park's podcast Jinja Jinri is on Spotify, Apple, and Anchor