Kim Molina

We have a whole article dedicated to this woman's jowable-ness, but really, we haven't even scratched the surface of how awesome Kim Molina is. This girl deserves litanies for her talents such as

Singing her heart out,

Making us laugh out loud,

And most of all, her exquisite acting!

But really, she took all of these talents to the next level in #Jowable so you guys better not miss it!

Candy Pangilinan

It's no secret that this veteran actress and comedienne can make any situation funny and enjoyable to watch. 

Here is Candy Pangilinan with her friends, Gelli de Belen- Rivera, Aiko Melendez, and Carmina Villarroel, otherwise known as the power four, just sitting in the car during a road trip. This episode is uploaded to her self-named YouTube channel, Candy Pangilinan, which you should really check out if you're in the mood for some family friendly laughs! She also plays a madre in the movie, which we think is hilarious.

Suzette Ranillo

They really brought in some big talent to this film. We're used to seeing Suzette Ranillo take on heavier roles so we're excited as to what she'll bring to the table in Jowable!

Cai Cortez

As much as  we truly believe that  Cai Cortez deserves to get a lot more leading roles in films, we'll definitely miss her as the pambansang best friend. We feel like she's the best supporting actress around. Just watch this video from and you'll get why people can feed off her energy when they're with her.

Kakai Bautista

Pak na pak! There are only a few people that can keep up with the personality of the powerful woman. Kakai Bautista just owns whatever room or scene you put her in. Just watch her scene in #JOWABLE and try not to lose it while watching her!

Jobelyn Manuel

The OG Jowable herself! Who would have thought that Jobelyn Manuel's amazing acting would result in a full-fledged movie being produced? If you guys want to get yourself hyped for #Jowable then you guys better have watched the origin story first!

Jeankiley Manguera

This multi-talented cutie showcases her talent on her YouTube channel, which has lots of uploads of dance and song covers. We haven't seen this girl act but we can tell that she's really comfortable in front of the camera and can groove. She'll bring a lot of youthful energy to the movie!

Liz Gonzaga

We're glad to see this girl get her chance to shine on the big screen because we definitely think she's an actress you guys should watch for. We got the chance to feature this beautiful lady in a few of our food videos and we can say she did a great job making everything look a lot tastier.

Roanna Marie Mercado

We are super impressed with how much confidence and much self-control this girl has to be able to deliver those lines with a semi-straight face. You guys should watch for Roanna Marie Mercado in #Jowable because of how incredibly funny and blunt her characters can be!

Beatrize Jean David

We can honestly say that this is probably one of our favorite skits from VinCentiments. We think it's probably one of the best balances of hugot and comedy in a script the popular channel has made. We really hope they give Beatrize's character a few more episodes to be in because she's a riot.

Jowable is now showing in cinemas and theaters nationwide! Better not miss you chance to have a great time with all these JOWABLE girls!

Oh and the theme song is catchy AF