Millennials and Gen Z kids wouldn’t be able to get in on the joke now but there was a time when your Titos and Titas got a good laugh with exclaiming, ‘Oh my God, Anak ni Janice! For sheer punchline worthiness it's kind of the equivalent of today’s ‘sabi ko na, Barbie!’—you drop it any chance you get. For context, anak ni Janice comes from this late ‘80s movie:

As you might have guessed, the tiyanak is the offspring of Janice De Belen. IRL, though, Janice’s progeny has been blessed with divine pulchritude (dictionary din paminsan-minsan: the word means ‘beauty’). Case in point: Kaila Estrada, who has not gone the full showbiz route as her mother, because she is more into fashion. An IG appreciation gallery for you: 

By any standard, Kaila is a heavenly offspring

A vision out in the open sea

Her mom must be very proud with way Kaila flexes

Definitely showbiz royalty!

Absolute class!

More close-ups like this please!

Oozing with style

Penny for your thoughts