What type of date would you go for?

Gusto ko ng something fun! Ayoko ng mga arte-arte na dining-dining, ganun.

So, like hiking?

Yes! Out-of-town trips. But of course, out-of-town trips should probably on the second date.

What was the most a guy did on a date with you?

It was with this guy who named me catwoman. He asked me to go out of town. It was about a 4-hour trip by my calculation. Ang layo! So I said, sige, it will be fine. But when we were about to go, there was a helicopter waiting!

Whoa! So much for non-fancy dates!

I was like 'grabe naman siya'! (laughs) That was my first time on a helicopter as well! But that was a while back ago. I'd rather have a simple date. I like the simple stuff. I love durian (Kim is from Davao), I recently discovered surfing, and I love dates on beaches. I've never been to La Union. And I hear Siargao is lovely.