Seeing her up close, Miss International 2016 and now bona fide showbiz celebrity Kylie Verzosa is exactly what you’d expect a beauty queen to be: regal, statuesque, and damn near perfection. 

It’s a lot to expect from a person, but a beauty queen is a beauty queen. Still, it’s the idea of being perfect that may be the hardest to contend with, even for a woman like Kylie who you’d think is just made for it. 

On the outside, Kylie is a cut above the rest. But on the inside, she has had her fragile moments, like the rest of us. It melts our hearts to know that Kylie had to battle depression for a time and is continuing to deal with it. 

“Summer of 2014, I experienced bouts of sadness that was prolonged for almost a year. My parents brought me to different psychiatrists and I was diagnosed with clinical depression,” Kylie writes in the About section of the Facebook Page Mental Health Matters By Kylie Verzosa, and advocacy and support group she created to raise mental health awareness. 

“I created this page to help people like me, who at one point in their lives have experienced depression, anxiety disorder, and other forms of mental illness. There is a stigma and many people are still ashamed to admit it,” Kylie writes. 

Kylie began her campaign online in 2016, and now she is proud to be able to take her advocacy out into the real world. 

“We now have an offline presence through in-person monthly support group sessions. We are also currently active in giving seminars to different schools and companies,” Kylie says.

This is exactly what we should expect a beauty queen to do. As with Kylie, we look at her and marvel at how beautiful she is, well aware that on the inside she is even more.