1. She's 31 years old

We honestly didn't know this existed but it's very convenient

We know it isn't proper to out a woman's age but we just don't understand how it's possible that she can look more youthful now than how she looked back when she starred in Condor Heroes. We guess it sort of fits since, if Disney's staying true to the animated film, Mulan will be 16 at the start of the movie.

2. She's multi-lingual

Okay, not only is she drop dead gorgeous but she's also very well-spoken in different languages. She's fluent in Mandarin and English, and can converse in French and Japanese! Well, Wǒ ài nǐ, I Love You, je t'aime, and aishiteru!

3. She can also sing in three languages...

Here's her singing in Chinese

Here's a Japanese version she sang of one of her Chinese songs because why not?

Awful quality but it's from 2006

But, seriously, why didn't consider having some songs in the movie with their leading lady having this much musical talent? Hopefully, we can at least hear her singing some of the movie's OST's. Please make it happen, Disney.

4. She can definitely kickass... well, at least fictional ass

It's like she was destined to play Mulan. Her entire freaking career has been a showcase of how well she performs martial art stunts. 

5. She isn't active on Instagram

Which makes us very, very sad. She only has 17 posts on her actual Instagram account but at least there are a lot of fan accounts (that we may or may not be a part of) dedicated to her that posts a lot more stuff.