1. Aryanna Epperson

We don't really get makeup but Aryanna can keep us hooked talking about anything. She does a lot of different types of lifestyle Vlogs on YouTube you should really check out. There's a lot of stuff like travel tips, skin care, and even cute, random challenges that are really fun to watch.

Can't wait to see her hosting OPM TV Hits, Fresh, and OPM I Love!

2. Nicole Omillo

This girl definitely knows her OPM because she's actually an artist herself. This sultry songstress can keep your attention more ways than one. Check out her song with Nadine Lustre and Sam Concepcion:

We could listen to her all day long. Watch her host OPM Hits and Covers on VIVA TV.

3. Issa Pressman

Before anything else, we'd just like to appreciate how cool her YouTube channel's name is "issavibe." Issa's probably someone we'd really enjoy hanging out with based on how chill she is in her vlogs.

She also has an awesome sense in fashion. We see you, akimbo!

Get to know her more by catching her on OPM TV Hits and Hataw.