Could you give us a quick background of your character?

I play Sampaguita the first and eldest mistress. She's very palengkera and street smart--alam mong maparaan. When the other mistresses arrived, parang si Sampaguita yung naging ate nila. It's a very interesting story kaya I loved playing her. I discovered that I had that side to me pala.

What side?

Personally, I'm not a maarte person. I've been working since I was young kaya goal-oriented ako. I discovered through Sampaguita na I'm really aggressive pala kasi kaya kong maging palaban when I need to be. Like, I can easily act out yung scenes where kailangan kong i-protect yung mga younger mistresses from the legal wife. Parang it became easy for me to channel Sampaguita kasi kaya ko palang maging palengkera, ha ha! Of course only when I need to be!

We thought it was a battle royale inside the house. How come you're helping out the competition?

Well, most of the time we fight naman talaga, but eventually kasi lagi kaming magkasama, we learned how to take care of one another. I think na if people don't care for one another, they won't really fight. Parang dedma ka lang kasi nga you don't care about them. The mistresses kasi have their differences pero at the end of the day, all they have is each other.

But if there was a battle royale, who among the characters would you bet on to win over Simon?

Syempre si Sampaguita! Of course I'd pick myself. Walang-wala yung iba dyan! Lalo na si Baby! Ha ha!

How about Sampaguita versus Phoemela?

Ay, sobrang si Sampaguita! Walang-wala si Phoemela, ha ha!  Like one time meron pang pa-fiesta si Sampaguita para lang mapansin ni Simon. Pero instead of having cake or something, yung ginawa ni Sampaguita, eh bibingka! Sobrang tita niya. May kasama pang costume and everything. All the to get Simon's attention!

Would you ever go through that trouble for a guy?

Nako hindi. Madalas super dedma lang ako, but if I really love the person and if it's a special occasion, sige I'd do it.

Did you learn any techniques from Sampaguita to make use of for those special occasions? 

Yung reverse lotus... tapos yung stairway to heaven, ha ha! Mga Kama Sutra na pauso ni Sampaguita! Marami akong natutunan sa kanya pero hindi ko pa naa-apply.